About the Brand

Kalyah relishes in the sartorial journey between Modern and Tradition, East and West, between contemporary elegance and the fiery passion of the Designer’s Arabic roots.
Winner of the VOGUE SAUDI TALENT SCOUTING organized by Italian Vogue, designer Nora Aldamer aimed with her collection to explore the feminine elegance with a modern interpretation of the traditional Saudi costumes and abaya, focusing on top quality fabrics, all sourced in Italy.

Nora’s modern take on traditional shapes meets the promise for wearability and comfortable volumes. Pearls embroideries, appliqués, feathers, lavish embellishments...mixed with elongated lines, typical of the regional garbs, and the softness of Italian silk velvet, cotton, wool... are the leitmotif of Kalyah collections.

Conceived for the sophisticated, confident women that appreciate classic, traditional elegance but is curious about fashion and aims to explore new trends.